E.SYBOX MINI 3 1.1HP 230V 50/60Hz
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DAB E.SYBOX MINI 3 1.1HP - Automatic Pressurization System with Inverter

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DABE.SYBOX MINI3 is DAB 's compact automatic pressurization system for single dwelling water supply. E.SYBOX MINI3 ensures the comfort of constant pressure (Pressure Set Point adjustable from 1 to 5.5 bar) in the system and energy saving through inverter technology. Suitable for use with potable water, in domestic systems and in gardening applications. E.SYBOX MINI3 does not require any additional components for its installation.

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DAB 'sE.sybox Mini 3 is designed for pressurization, gardening and irrigation, and subsurface withdrawal activities in domestic and residential settings. It belongs to the E.syline series and thus has various accessories.


Operating range:
flow rate up to 80 l/min; head up to 55 m
Pumped liquid:
clean, free of solids or abrasive substances,
not viscous,not aggressive, not crystallized
and chemically neutral
Liquid temperature range:
0°c to +35°C for domestic use
0°C to +40°C for other uses
Maximum suction depth :
8 meters
Maximum ambient temperature: +50°C
Maximum operating pressure: 7.5 bar (750 kPa)
Motor degree of protection: IPX4
Insulation class: F
Installation: Fixed horizontal or vertical position
Special versions on request:
Other electrical plug types on request