In this section you can buy online everything you need for the construction and maintenance of an irrigation system. The quality of all items offered is certified by the very high standard of construction materials. All items are manufactured by leading companies in the agricultural irrigation industry. For these reasons, we guarantee quality, durability and weather resistance.Irrigation is a fundamental aspect of growing agricultural plants and crops. Indeed, it is only through a well-designed irrigation system that it will be possible to supply plants with the amount of water they need for their growth and development, improving the quality and yield of crops.

This category includes a wide range of products and equipment, such as pumps, polyethylene fittings, hoses, sprinklers, sensors, and control instruments, which enable efficient and accurate management of water supply to crops. Solutions suitable for both small family gardens and large industrial crops can be found in this category, and the use of advanced technologies such as dripirrigation or smartirrigation makes it possible to reduce water waste and improve the efficiency of agricultural operations.