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In this section you will find all electric pumps (submersible, submersible, surface, heating, pool and fountain pumps) marketed by Comid, along with the full range of submersible motors, switchboards and accessories.

When you need to move fluids (either horizontally or vertically), what you need is an electric pump. The electric pump-most commonly an electric pump-can be of a variety of types: first of all, submersible or surface. The electropump, which is distinguished by the fact that it is lowered inside the liquid, can be distinguished into submerged electropump for clear water and for black water. The electric submersible pump forclear water is generally lowered into wells for the purpose of moving water that will feed utilities: the main destination of this type of pump is aqueduct use (and therefore for drinking water). Submersible electric pumps for sewage, on the other hand, are intended to be lowered inside cesspools with the purpose of emptying them. In some cases, the centrifugal function of the impeller is coupled with a shredding function, which, in order to avoid blockages of the impeller caused by solid waste (which may happen to be thrown into the toilet: plastic papers, rags) shreds what is sucked in: the shredding pump is, however, recommended only in special cases, which it is good to discuss with your trusted plumber, in order not to end up with a product unnecessarily accessorized. Surface electric pumps, on the other hand, are pumps that are installed outside the compartment (well, tank or vessel) that contains the fluid. These therefore suck in fluids through the piping connected to them.

An additional element that helps us choose the pump best suited to our needs is the performance curve, which identifies the values of flow rate and head. Flow rate indicates the amount of fluid the pump can move in a given time frame (usually expressed in seconds or minutes). Head, on the other hand, indicates the height at which the pump is able to raise the water. The intersection of the two values draws a curve (which is precisely the performance curve of a pump) that tells us for each value of flow rate the relative value of head, and vice versa.

The main brands of submersible and surface electric pumps marketed by Comid are Pedrollo, Lowara, Calpeda, Caprari, Aturia, Dab, and Darf.

Pedrollo, a company based in San Bonifacio, is a manufacturer specializing in submersible electric pumps, known for the quality of its Made in Italy production.
Pedrollo's product catalog is extremely wide: centrifugal electric pumps with open impeller, centrifugal electric pumps, electric pump with peripheral impeller, self-priming multiimpeller electric pumps, self-priming "JET" electric pumps, vertical multistage electric pumps, big-impeller centrifugal electric pumps, submersible motors, submersible electric pumps for dirty water, etc.
Pedrollo boasts some top models (whose prices are in accordance with the production and manufacturing quality guaranteed by the Verona-based company) that benefit from great popularity in the market: the ZXm1a, crm80, Top Multi and other models of the Verona-based company are very popular in the industry.

Lowara submersible electric pumps enjoy great prestige and popularity: prices are generally in line with the excellent workmanship features that the Xylem Group house guarantees. Some of the Lowara models are well known, known even outside the specialized realities to which these products are generally addressed: the Domo 7, the Domo 10 vx b, the Doc 3, and the Scuba (regardless of their horsepower rating: 0.75 hp; 1 hp; 1.5 hp; 2 hp) are particularly popular pumps and generally identified as highly reliable products.
In particular, the Domo series pumps(domo 7, domo 10, domo15 and domo 20) are particularly popular on the web and on various industry forums.

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Liquid type: sewage water Uses: domestic, civil, industrial Uses: drainage, slightly dirty water handling, drainage Type: submersible Family: submersible Performance range: Flow rate up to 1200 l/min (72.0 m³/h) Head up to 15 m Use limits: Liquid temperature up to +40 °C
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JCRm2B ELECTRIC PUMP 230V 50Hz - (46JCR2A12A1)
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JCR self-priming pumps are designed to suck water even in the presence of air mixed with the pumped liquid. Because of their reliability and ease of use, they are recommended for domestic use. They are recommended for pumping clean water and chemically nonaggressive liquids.
€266.00 Excl Taxes