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Generating sets are machines consisting of a thermal-combustion engine that, thanks to an electric generator, originate continuous or alternating electricity in a totally independent manner when there is a failure or disruption of the public power grid. Often used as true "emergency backups," generator sets also perform secondary and back-up functions to a main power supply and that has exceeded its maximum capacities. They can be used for night work, at construction sites, and even to light any type of outdoor event They are useful not only for creating an alternative source of energy for one's home, but also for powering mobile kitchens, the heating system, and even for running the freezer located in the garage. This equipment is a real safety valve for all those spaces that cannot be covered by a regular electricity supply contract.

How do generator sets work?

A genset converts fuel, usually diesel, into electricity.The engine, by burning the fuel, produces a movement that, through the alternator, is converted into energy.

Why do I need a genset?

There are many reasons that highlight how the purchase of a genset can be useful and effective; below are the main ones:

1. We have no other source of electricity available: in this case, the presence of a genset is essential to the performance of any activity requiring the supply of electricity.

2. Our electricity supplier is not capable of exhaustively meeting the electricity requirements needed to carry out the planned activities. In this case the generator set is called upon to supplement our requirements.

3. Finally, it may happen that a surplus of electricity is needed to balance any periodic losses in the power supply of the electrical grid. Such losses are likely to seriously affect the operation of various facilities, such as Hospitals, Offices, Factories, Data Centers, Condominiums, etc.

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