In this section you will find our range of check valves: clapet, ball, venturi nozzle, foot, europa, valstop, unival, wafer check valves, etc.

What it is.

A check valve (also called a check valve) is a one-way valve that allows water flow to flow in one direction.

Check valves are devices that by means of a closing element (a clapet, ball, plate etc..) stop, sometimes also assisted by a return spring, the backflow of liquid within the pipeline or more generally in the system. The mechanism operated by the check valve makes it possible to prevent and avoid possible contamination or leakage of liquids that could prove harmful in some cases.

Generally, these valves consist of a plug (either disc or ball, as appropriate), controlled by a guide and pushed against a seat through a specific spring. When the water pressure is absent (or insufficient), the valve remains closed: the passage of water occurs only under the conditions when the system pressure increases. In this case the pressure is able to overcome the spring force, allowing the fluid to pass.
There are many types of unidirectional valves, each model is suitable to fulfill a specific need, and the fields of application in which they are used are different. Thus there are clapet or swing valves, ball, Venturi nozzle, foot, europa, valstop, unival, wafer, butterfly, diaphragm and many others.

Check valves are routinely used in plumbing and aqueduct contexts, where they are mounted on the delivery lines of pumps, thus allowing the direction of water flow to be managed and regulated, preventing it from returning (precisely: check valve). In addition, they prevent the system from emptying in the event of a failure of the pump
Normally in check valves the element responsible for closing the flow of fluid is "guided," so as to have greater precision. The element remains in the closed position as long as there is a lack of positive pressure to cause the valve to open. Likewise it comes to a close at the time when adequate negative pressure is present.

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